Alpha Romeo Replies to KB Over Signing With XYZ Instead of Starting His Own Record Label.


Last year in December DJ Showstar sat with the record producer & CEO of Nexus MusicKB” to talk about music and in the interview, DJ Showstar asked KB about Alpha Romeo. KB said, “he would have been happy if Alpha Romeo had started his own record label instead of being signed under one because Alpha Romeo is a brand and one of big artists in the game”

Today Alpha Romeo replied via his Facebook page. He wrote; “If you do not discuss about me on business tables….why give an opinion on what I should have done when you had a chance to change the whole scenario.”

We saw some artists that belonged to KB’s record label K Army being signed by Nexus Music but Alpha Romeo was left out.

Alpha Romeo’s post express disappointment as he feels KB had a chance to change his life if he had signed him to Nexus Music.

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