Bescar | Biography


Born Bescar Chinza Jnr on the 24, January. He was born in Ndola town on the Copperbelt province were he was raised, did his primary and secondary education at St. Bonaventure, Temweni High School and Mukuba high school respectively and spent most of his life. He is the 7th born in a family of 9. Bescar first got in the game during his high school years with his brother and mimicked the duo black muntu. He soon realised that he could make music in the 7th grade but couldn’t put his mind too much on it for he believed in getting an education as a way to get a viable career.

Bescar is a Pharmacist by profession. He was attracted to pharmacy because he enjoyed the business and patient interaction standpoint and love for human life. His brother also a singer who goes by the name of 2Keys (Lwaano Chinza) is also a Pharmacist.

Bescar’s goal is atleast in the near future to own pharmacies and has a dream of making a football club because apart from treating patients he likes playing football and he’s currently playing not professional but active football for KTH football club.

Bescar obtained his diploma in Pharmacy at Evelyn Hone College and his Bachelor’s Degree at Apex Medical University and he’s currently doing his Masters Degree in Public Health.

In music , Bescar is mostly moved by situation that pit him as well as those that brings joy to him, but other people’s happiness is his priority, hence, when writing a song, he writes mostly for those who are in sad situations, just so he can brighten up their moments as well as encourage them that there is light at the end of a tunnel.

Musically, Bescar his inspired by Danny Kaya, Black Muntu and Chef 187. For western music, he really doesn’t have a number of inspirations, he acknowledged that it’s hard for him to listen to hip-hop because mostly he’s very sensitive even to minor vulgar language. Sean Paul used to be his main artist as he grew up. He also gets inspiration from female folk artist like Mampi. He said Mampi has never been broken down despite the tantrums thrown against her. He said pressure is what makes her stay relevant to the game.

Bescar’s greatest inspiration is his father from whom he has learnt almost everything from him. He is his super hero.

Bescar’s last remarks “Am a Christian and despite this all that I would love to have and achieve I don’t forget that We are not permanent residents here. One day we will need to leave , hence we ought to live each day to the glory of God. To my youth, stay , relevant, work hard, avoid bad vices, and above all, keep studying but study the Bible more than anything

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