Bobby Williams | Biography & Profile


Bob William Nkonjela born on the 3rd of April 1995 in Mazabuka, a town located in the southern part of Zambia, but he currently resides in Lusaka, the Capital City.

Popularly known as Bobby Williams Zambia, the artist debuts his first EP Album in 2016 titled Menage a Trois featuring some of the more popular Zambian artists of that period. He is formally employed in the corporate world as an I.T Consultant with a bachelor’s degree in computer Science but considers music his main Job as he has always had a passion and has the drive to reach his full potential as an artist. He is currently signed to Heights Kamp Music, a label he co-owns with his partner Chilufya Chalwe.

At an early age Bobby Williams Zambia was inspired by artists that include 50 Cent and E- Sir of Ogopa music Kenya then later in life he adopted the musical stylings of Lil Wayne and Hopsin that formed part of his identity as an artist. His style of music is not limited to traditional genres but rather Transends multiple categories. His most outstanding features include his ability to always encompass punchline rap and clever word play in all his verses as he believes that’s what forms the backbone of hip-hop rap.