DJ Kandeke to Open Studio & Sign 50 Upcoming Artists to Record For Free


Yo Maps’ manager, DJ Kandeke heard the cries of the up and coming artists who have financial challenged and has taken it upon himself to open a studio and sign 50 upcoming artists that will be recording music for free.

According to International Manager, he will be helping the 50 upcoming artists that will be signed with features with Zambia’s biggest artists in the game and mentoring them.

Below is what DJ Kandeke wrote;

An upcoming Artist wrote..

Being an upcoming musician in Zambia its a challenge.
An Upcoming musician in Zambia becomes a source of income.

  1. You need to make a salary for a DJ
  2. You need to make a salary for a blogger
  3. some makes a salary for their managers
  4. For the TV presenter also
  5. Even pipo supporting you they also need
  6. Big artist needs a salary from you
  7. Producers

You will be just paying these people .not until you become established,now the question is where does an upcoming musician works ??

What’s your take??

I personally Dj Kandeke the international Manager

Would like to say “If you are an artist and you don’t invest in your career waiting for well wishers to do so then Kaya.You can not reap where you are not sowing.Most new artists out there are busy looking for a sponsor,but guess what? Such a thing rarely happens.The truth is,even the so called Sponsor can’t get carried away by your craft using the usual”Please bakamba help me” Method.You gotta show your effort by Investing time,money,perseverance and hard work on to it! Then,you could attract well wishers to push your back with extra resources.

The moment you seem like you can’t put in any coin to elevate your career is the moment you are confirming that you are not sure whether you are worth it or not.So how do people risk their resources,connections,money,time and so on over someone who doesn’t believe in themselves?

Check for all those guys who are signed to label’s,or are being managed or sponsored. If you look at their past portfolios,you will notice that prior to being signed or sponsored,they had something to show for it.something that earned them the shot.

This year am opening a studio for 50 upcoming artists to be using it for free (which means I’ll be paying for you Audio production and handling your features)I’ll be helping you out with (Audio production)and the rest you’ll handling it yourselves.

But also remember to change your mindset if you wish to change your current state of affairs! If indeed you are a Sheep,separate yourself from the goats.

Music is Business.

This is really a very good initiative that will help many talented artists in Zambia and we wish DJ Kandeke all the best in this endeavor. We hope to see this idea come to life in no time