Jae Cash Shares His Experiences as a Single Parent


The Lusaka-based prominent rapper Jae Cash has spoken openly about his experiences as a child growing up without his biological father and how he picked himself up as a man after losing the mother of his two children.

When he appeared on Diamond TV Zambia to discuss parenting, the CEO of Apa ili So Entertainment spoke with Chichi Daisy about his own experiences.

He began by describing how growing up with just his mother had no impact on him growing up without his father. He later added how he would explain this to his two children who lost their mother, especially the youngest, who was only about three months old.

“I grew up with a single parent; that’s my mom, and I honestly didn’t feel affected by not being around my dad. But then, getting to realise that my kids lost their mom, I wondered how I would explain this development to them.” During the interview, he said.

“Fast forward; that happened and we did the funeral process. My wife developed this heart condition that she was fed for in the hospital, but she didn’t make it, unfortunately. May Her Soul Rest In Peace.” He added.

Before his wife passed away, Jae Cash and his wife had two sons; the eldest was about four years old, and the youngest was only three months old. He did, however, explain how he ended up staying with his children rather than his wife, as per custom.

“Right after the meeting on the day of burial, we sat down to decide where the kids would go, so we had this talk with her family and there was a little bit of confusion here and there, certain things that I can’t really say right now because I really don’t know how the other family will feel but just in a nutshell, there was some talk. Some didn’t want me to have the kids; some thought I was not responsible enough and where they wanted my kids to go, I was just like, I would rather die than let my kids go.” He said.

He added; “I said I would take full responsibility and I don’t care. My mom is a single parent so I felt it’d be best for my kids to grow up there. If I myself grew up like this with morals and stuff, then I might as well just let my kids stay with her. So that’s how the three-month-old baby came with us together with the little boy.”

“My mom was staying a little bit far from where I was, so the plan was to relocate them and just bring them to somewhere close by because the little baby needed attention and I just thought I couldn’t afford to be called to somewhere like 30 or 20 kilometres away. I just needed them close by and I did bring them close and it happened to be like that.”

The Big Fish singer claimed that, had it not been for the fact that he is naturally an introvert, the death of his wife would have completely destroyed him. Music therefore serves as therapy for him.

He convinced himself that he could not afford to fail now, especially since he is a rock for his family, and that if he became preoccupied or overly concerned with his difficulty, it would mean he was going to snap.

“Music really helped me cross that bridge and I also had several people texting me here and there on social media telling me that if I needed someone to talk to, I should always hit them up and I appreciate those I never got to speak about this publicly.” He said. “Honestly, with time, I just got to accept because time is a healer of everything so that also helped me, including my friends around me.”

By Walusungu Silweya
©️NKANI October 17, 2023.