NEWS: Slapdee Recycles “Listen to You” Verse on “Utuntu” off “Lost Files”


Multi-Award winning HipHop artiste “Slapdee” has come under fire for using a single verse on 2 Separate songs. The trend which is called “Recycling” in HipHop is considered unexpected of the artiste who is regarded a Mogul by many local fans and Critics alike.

According to an observation by our editorial desk, Slapdees verse on “Listen to Me” off Dj Mzenga Man’s “Big Boss III” has repeatedly been used on “Utuntu off “Lost Files Compilation Vol 1” by Dj H-Mac. The love tailored verse in particular is the second verse on both songs which features T-Sean and Elisha Long alongside King Dizzorespectively.

It’s unclear whose idea it was to re-use the verse but this is something most HipHop heads oppose as it negatively affects the Creative Side the genre Commands.

CREDIT: ZedHypeMag